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About EcoHub is an ecommerce site selling natural health, wellness & eco-friendly lifestyle products. We operate in both South Africa and the UK, having launched in South Africa in 2008. The founder has since relocated to the UK.

Our client  base includes those that a living a healthy, happy lifestyle as well as many that are fighting disease such as cancer. We've heard countless stories of stories of people (many of our clients) beating cancer through a radical change in diet and juicing religiously. You are more than welcome to contact us for advice. 

Users are welcome to share their ideas and experience via an article on EcoHub.  

Our online health store inlcudes some of best healthly lifestyle products available. These include cold press juicers, super blenders and dehydrators. Please sign up for our nextletter so that we can keep you  updated as we expand our range. 

Latest Recipes

  • Beetroot & Carrot Detox Juice

    Beetroot & Carrot Detox Juice

    Time 5 minutes, Serves 2, Complexity easy

    An excellent detox juice! Carrot has great healing powers and beetroot cleans the blood. Add some pineapple for a bit of sweetness. Ginger gives it an extra kick! *add a few apples if you want to dilute the juice

    Both the pineapple and ginger are optional. You could use an apple instead. I like to use granny smith apples in my juices.

  • Green Super Juice

    Green Super Juice

    Time 5 minutes, Serves 2, Complexity medium

    Kale is acknowledged as one of the healthiest food in the world! There are not many other foods that are more nutrient dense than this king of greens! 

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